Brands are more then products. Brands are being defined by customer experience. Therefore it is not what you think you are it is what they think you are! Brands exist in the minds of the people who interact with them!

Mag. Mira Kloss Zechner
P: +436648219762

With 'wedobrands' Mira Kloss-Zechner, one of the most established brand experts, starts off to provide interesting and challenging brand development projects worldwide with her know-how.

Beside her longtime experience for classic Consumer Goods like e.g Kraft foods, Danone, GM in US and Latin America, Kloss-Zechner is actually numbered among the most demanded experts for global online brands, first of all because of her successfully managed relaunch for the brand bwin (former betandwin). As responsible Brand Director the polyglot Austrian, started in 2005 to develop the Austrian online betting brand betandwin to bwin, the leading online arena for real money games.

Today bwin is leading brand not only for sports betting but also for casino and even second strongest for poker europewide. After the merger of bwin with PartyGaming in 2011 Kloss-Zechner has been acting as a consultant for the development of the new Corporate brand as well as for the set up of the Corporate brand architecture and the still ongoing repositioning of PartyPoker.

Our services include:

  • Brand positioning / Strategic planning /Brand monitoring

    Brand management / Acountmanagement

    Brand identity / Brand platform developmentÊof all consumer-brand touch points above and beyond other agencies

    Brand strategy and conceptualization of creative toolbox (graphic style, logo, signature, imagery, typography)
  • Elaboration of brand story, brand book and tonality

    Training/transfer of knowledge and training of internal teams

    Execution and supervision of internal and external communication plans

    Corporate identity and corporate behaviour consulting

We do thinking, listening, understanding, interpreting, redefining and repositioning of brands, brand initiatives, brand concepts and brand behaviours.

We do it anytime, every where, in any depth and any length.


We shape and leverage brands that generate word of mouth.

Every successful brand follows a vision. The vision to develop a brand from a niche to a mass market, meaning to develop betandwin from a gambling brand to bwin, a socially accepted gaming brand, needs a lot of passion and assertiveness as it is no option to compromise from the beginning on.
"To follow a vision consequently is the main difference between brands and really successful and valuable brands" Kloss-Zechner believes.


    • Awards:

    • 2007 CCA

      Campaign: "Magic Moments of Sports"
      Awards: 2 x silver - TV commercial and cinema commercial

    • 2006 ATV GoldenerHund

      Campaign: "Magic Moments of Sports" - Muhamed Ali
      Awards: gold - Corporate video

    • 2007 Die Klappe

      Campaign: "Magic Moments of Sports" - Muhamed Ali
      Awards: Promotion-. Messe-, Unternehmensfilm




    • Awards:

    • Media Award campaign 2007


    • Awards:

    • 2008 CCA

      Campaign: "Let the boys play"

    • Magazine award 2008

      CCA Bronze editorial 2008

      "Play for real" campaign: Download the pdf

  • Producttour for new customers on the website




  • New and unique development of digital grafic aesthetics supported by the in-house developed multilayered technique



  • The brand attitude developed as a internal training tool not the tools it is the attitude that makes the difference



    • Awards:

    • Cannes lion

      Outdoor 2009

      El sol san sebastian

      Gran prix outdoor 2010

      Club de creativos


      Genio awards 2009

      Interactive awards 2011

      Best integration on and offline


  • a film celebrating 10 years bwin

What she won't tell you in her CV.

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